Turkish mosaic lamps as unique gifts.

Turkish mosaic lamps as unique gifts.

Turkish mosaic lamps as unique gifts.

If you are looking for a special gift for a special person or a for a special decoration item for yourself this is the right place to look for it. Couse when it comes to mosaic lamps you have very little options that can beat these ones. Turkish mosaic lamps have been holding its special place as a lightening item for centuries. Althogh they have influced from modern lines, theese special lamps always keep their original forms and now they are under your commands for holdingand reflecting  the light in very different and special ways. Not just for you but ofcourse for the ones you appreciate as special gifts.

Mosaic lamps are suitable for almost every stlye and they are complements for every interior designs. By using a mosaic lamp for your indoor or outdoor places you can create an eastern touch which comes from Arabian cultre.

As our hundreds of loyal customers you can reach these beauties from all over the world by giftlandturkey. And you can choose  your mosaic lamp in a traditional way with using a tealight candle  or you can order  your Turkish lamp with an electric set up.

We have lots of different Turkish mosaic lamp models. Before your order please ask us if it is available for only the tealight models.


Turkish mosaic lamps are not just about celling lightening. You should check all our models for the best desicion.  Our best selling models are table mosaic lamps, celling, 3 chain, cylinder, swan neck, spiral, mosaic candle holder, wall lamps, pyrex and Ottoman mosaic lamps.

So no matter where you would like to use them, we have the right options with your quests. With worldwide shipping experience you wont have any problem for getting theese unique lamps.  Don’t hesitate for any issues just contact us.

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