Can a Turkish Mosaic Lamp make you feel different?

Can a Turkish Mosaic Lamp make you feel different?

Can a Turkish Mosaic Lamp make you feel different?

When it comes to illuminating item, some times decorating a place can be suffering. Especialy when you need sometihg authentic, unique and  art-deco style.  No matter what your indoor or outdoor styling is, as Turkish Mosaic Lamp,  we have a large palette of color combination for your places.

You can have your unique Turkish mosaic lamp in single colors or you can choose our combinations. We have almost have the all colors of a rainbow. As we are talking about the energy of light – and colors we need to talk about  which colors you should use for which feeling or energy. In our Turkish Mosaic lamp series and in a rainbow, there are the three primary colors. These are Red, Yellow and Blue. Then there are  the secondary colors which are Green, Orange and Purple. More than these, there are Tertiary colors which are combinations of the first two sets.


It is the color of energy related with fire and blood. And also a symbol of  strength, passion, desire, power and love.Red colour enhances our metabolism. It also  increases respiration rate and raises blood pressure

Please check out our red colored Turkish mosaic lamps.


Orange is the mixture of red and yellow. The power of red and the happy energy of yellow. It’s the symbol of sun. It trigers happiness, creativity and success. It is a hot very color as red but not in an aggressive way.

Please check out our orange colored Turkish mosaic lamps.


The color of sunhine; linked with joy, intellect and mindfull energy. It also has a calming effect and a gives a warm feeling. You can  indicate this colour with loyalty or honor.

Please check out our yellow mixed colored Turkish mosaic lamps.


Ofcourse the colour of mother nature. Symbolizing the harmony of our eco-system, fertility and maybe freshness of spring. Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility.

Please check out our green colored Turkish mosaic lamps.


Just imagine the sky and the sea…. Here comes the blue with its feeling of depth and wisdom then comes the

Please check out our blue colored Turkish mosaic lamps.


Purple  is the mixture of red and blue. This is where stability and the energy comes from. The colour of royalty symboizes luxury, mystery  and power.

Please check out our purple mixed colored Turkish mosaic lamps.

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