New Look of Tourists Turkish Mosaic Lamps  Handicrafts in tourist

New Look of Tourists Turkish Mosaic Lamps Handicrafts in tourist


New Look of Tourists Turkish Mosaic Lamps

Handicrafts in tourist cities and all handmade colored mosaic lamps attract tourists.

With its pots, pottery workshops and carpet benches, Turkey has thousands of years of tradition, and hundreds of kinds of souvenirs and kitchenware are produced from the mud which is extracted from the Kızılırmak River. In recent days all handmade mosaic lamps made by cutting and joining colored glass are attracting attention from domestic and foreign tourists who come from many countries of the world to visit the region.

GiftlanTurkey (, the only mosaic lamp operation in Manavgat, has been producing and marketing mosaic lamps for 22 years.

Tourists say that the mosaic lamps that Antalya sees in the Manavgat district are very popular.

All of the mosaic lamps are handmade, just like ceramics,
We decided to increase the varieties of this product and attract foreign and local tourists to open a separate business.

“These lamps are made entirely of glass, they are cut with the help of diamonds and are combined with heat-resistant adhesives, decorated with glass mirrors and beads, and much cheaper than the fabulous handicrafts.

-Turkish Mosaic lamps are used at home, at work, at restaurants in cafes, in Turkish baths and boutique hotels-

Tourists who want to take gifts while traveling in tourist cities and returning to their countries also prefer this lamp.

“Mosaic lamps are much more aesthetic because they are all handmade and they are made of colored glass, especially boutique hotel operators who are in the house are ordering us and those who want to add an authentic atmosphere to their houses are interested in our lamps especially local and foreign tourists coming to the region in touristic cities Mosaic lamps were also among the gift choices, especially Japanese and French tourists. “

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