Best Mosaic Lamp for Reading

Best Mosaic Lamp for Reading

How to Choose the Best Mosaic Lamp for Reading?

At one point of our childhood, we were all warned that the weak light would ruin our eyes. Later, when we took a couple of glasses, we could feel guilty when we were reading the stories of bedtime by the torch and walking under the covers. But our reading light is weak, is the cause of our loss really? Contrary to popular belief, the answer may be no. Reading in low light emerged in subsequent investigations that did not impair vision. Most eye disorders occur only as an effect of aging. However, when doctors decide that there is no evidence that the poor reading light is harmful to the vision, it can make reading more enjoyable, as it can reduce disturbing short-term effects such as good reading light, headaches or eye strain. The following guidelines will help you choose the best reading light for your eyes.

Turkish Mosaic Table Lamps

Perhaps the most important choice you need to make when choosing a reading light is the mosaic lamps that give you the colorful and dim light you need to use. Where should the good lamp be? Lighting is usually on the desktop, but some people like to read the book lying on the seat, so it is ok to have on the dresser.
When reading in dim light does not have a long-lasting effect on your eyes, your eyes will have an uncomfortable effect on your muscles. Your visual muscles will want to relax to get the most light, but at the same time they will always work to understand the words on the page that focus on the retina. For this reason, when you complete a task of high concentration, such as reading, it is important to focus the bright light directly to the point you need to reduce the conflict in your eye muscles. We recommend using a table lamp. Table lamps are small lamps that can be turned and elevated or lowered to help guide the light. However, with table lamps at their best due to their versatile abilities, a desk lamp will be a convenient option (not a room) with a lamp that directs the light downwards.

Light distribution

Just as it is important that your book is a table or table lamp that lights up, it is important to combine it with a comfortable, evenly distributed light in your room. In mosaic lamp models, swan neck mosaic lamps are ideal for reading books. A common mistake people make when choosing light for reading is opening a bright lamp in a dark room. Your pupils are wide open in the dark when they leave the page, which can easily make your eyes tired – we tire quickly when we are reading in bed for a few nights. It is also useful to avoid reading with very bright glowing light as on a computer screen. Changing the pixels permanently from the computer or reading on any shiny screen can put a lot of pressure on the viewer. Doctors call it Computer Vision Syndrome. Avoid reading from your computer as much as possible in your free time, or at least reduce your screen to reduce glare. Reversing the color scheme, such as white text on a black background, also reduces eye fatigue.


As the eyes change with age, as your eyes get older, you will need more light to read. “The need for more light to read increases by 1 percent. When you are 10 years old, you can not read 40 watts or almost no light. When you are 60 years old you need 100 watts. “Since brightness is measured in lumens, the following will help you to select a light bulb with the wattage (or equivalent wattage) you need. Light bulbs that do not emit 75 watts of heat in 40 Watt.
• 40 watts: See at least 450 lumens
• 60 watts: See at least 800 lumens
• 75 watts: See at least 1,100 lumens
• 100 watts: See at least 1,600 lumens

Nevertheless, keep in mind that too much light or sparkle may be as bad as very little light. ” The light shining on the high reflective surfaces is tiring, and especially when it is disturbing for elderly people with cataracts and retinal problems. “If the bright light is painful to you, use a shaded lamp instead of a desk lamp to reduce glare. and moderate light. A warmer color temperature will be easier than a cooler color temperature in your eyes. But important to all, if you think the right light for your eyes, remember: your eyes will tell you what they want. If the light is not comfortable, it indicates signs of fatigue, such as burning, redness, eyebrows, headache or astonishment.

Mosaic lamps are made of many symmetrical cuts of glass, so they break the light, which is very good for the eyelashes.

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