Turkish Pendant Light

Turkish Pendant Light

Turkish Pendant Lights

High-ceiling foyers have a special role and it makes interesting interiors designs for special architectural features.  Because of this, lighting and lighting elements should be  underlined when we talk about them. As speciallyfor  high spots which have high-pressure or  high ceilings, pendant lamps are recommended.  As pendant lightings that with indirect distribution, they easily emphasize the height of the room. But high cellings are not the only suitable place for pendant light. You can use your pendant lamp even for lightening your dinner table.

Pendant light used

Sometimes, direct lighting can couse so many problems but the solutions are mostly in pendantluminaires . But the question is which pentant light to choose or to use? Our unique designed Turkis Mosaic series also involves pendant lights such as New Turkish Pendant Lights, Spiral Pendant Lamp, Wind Rose Pendant Lamp and Handmade Pendant Lamp. Like our other mosaic lamps, pendant lamps have similar patterns in general – like, stars and flowers. But it’s better to check our whole pages about pendant lamps to have the best options. For some products you can custom your lamp design depending on your order. Please contact us about this.

You can place our pendant lights in continuous rows. You can also use  some type of reflectors and louvers or similar optical control devices. Forexample when you design a lighting for Office use, you can use pendant light.  Adjustable lighting level is important for you  to have reasonable solution about the light level you want.

            Depending on the size and interior design of your places, range of our pendant light or pendant lamp design options are almost endless. There is no limit for creating suitable color combinations for your pendant light design when you want to create an authentic  and plesant atmosphere.

Our pendant lights are not only suitable for indoor places but also for outdoor places such as gardens, restaurants, hotels  or places which gives unified, rustic and authentic look. Ourpendant lamps allow activity to proceed after dark in a very special decorative way and they are alsoavailable in eye-catchingcolors. Every each of our lamp is unique and gives a soft light that gives your places a warm atmosphere with its traditional handicraft and modern design.

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