Arabic lamp or Turkish mosaic lamp

Arabic lamp or Turkish mosaic lamp

Arabic lamp or Turkish mosaic lamp

Same or Different?

From the time 70.000 B.C till today, people have been using the fire for lightening indoor or outdoor places. As or the Turkish mosaic lamp, both are the iconic lightening items for centuries. Today they are used in lots of place with lots of reason but mostly  as an ambient light. Most lamps in Arab and Turkish lands utilized their style for centuries.


Common features

People mainly used  Arabic lamp and Turkish mosaic lamp for ligtening the architectural structures. Their usage was always multifold. Beside their usage in the home and for work they found a large use in rituals of many religions.  Its style, layout, or decoration they can vary greatly.  But because of the common function of the Turkish mosaic lamps people used it almost every where.

Arabic Lamps or Turkish mosaic lamps, important feature of mosque decoration, are hanging lamps, also visible in the most iconic islamic architecture. These lamps are essential feature for mosques. Because the first and last daily prayers ocur in the dark. As the first one before the sun rises and the last one after the sun sets.

Before electric bulp, especially mosques were illuminated with oil Arabic lamps. But when you come to the Ottoman era and the Ottoman land (which mainly means Turkey now)  it’s the right time to talk about Turkish Mosaic lamps. Because hundreds of these  lamps hung inside a mosque would create a soft light emanating from each. They highlight the calligraphy and other decorations such as some parts of the building, other furnishings like carpets.

Lamp Differences

When one talk about The Arabic lamp the first image which hits our mind is the symbol of  Arabic tale of Aladdin. A metal  shaped oil lamps, shining so bright and offering lots of adventures.

But The Turkish Mosaic lamp has its place in silence and humbleness with more colourful variations. Indeed Turkish Mosaic lamps can be used in almost every interior styling.

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