Turkish Light Manifacturer

Turkish Light Manifacturer

Welcome to Turkish Products Center

Giftlandturkey is a Istanbul  based importer/wholesaler and retail of handcrafted mosaic lamps and ceramic works.

Our focus lies on constantly developing new and unique products to give unique style to your home . We believe home is most important place in the world  therefore we have decided to put our expertise, experience, new projects and work force together lamps inspired by different cultures of Anatolia. So we made mosaic lamps collections to bring new pattern to your home. All of models are truly original, handmade of brass and brass plate extra fine glasses of its original colour.

 Fabric Adress: Fabrikalar caddesi İşkent san.sitesi Dblok No:102 Muratpaşa mah.Bayrampaşa-İstanbul TÜRKİYE  

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