Turkish lamp is one of the traditional means of lighting in Turkish culture. To follow its trace in history let’s go back in time…

Light holds a place in Muslim-Ottoman culture as it does in Christian-Byzantine culture as a symbol.

            During  Ottoman era, before the spreads of electric lamp, candle was the only and the basic lightning tool for centuries. Besides that there were also torches, kiddling or other flammable tree pieces which were attached on iron sticks. Untill the 19th. century the whole land – the palace, homes, mansions- was illuminating with candle, wax, candelabras and oil lamps.  Lighting was an important symbol of civilization and sometimes wealth.

The father of  Turkish lamp, oil lamps were made in the form of glass bottles or cup-shaped bell jars  which were hung from a chain. Large ball-shaped ones  are used in the palace. The first glass oil lamps in Istanbul are found in bathhouses, mosques and similar places. 

Starting within the palace, Turkish lamp is evolved in time, covered by little colored glass pieces and ultimately transformed into different forms which are  appropriate for domestic and decorative use. Turkish mosaic lamp took its part in todays world with new styles – forms and art-deco value. And now they are used for the particular ambience they produce.

People reach these beauties from all over the world via giftlandturkey. You can have them in a traditional way with using a tealight candle in it or you can choose your Turkish lamp with an electric set up.

All the colors of Anatollian and Turkish culture combined with handy designs: Turkish lamp transforms your indoor or outdoor places into an authentic characterized living area with a unique style.

Turkish lamp with its amazingly colorful, natural and long-lasting material feels particularly good to have around.

What is the main difference between a Moroccon and  a Turkish lamp?

First of all, the two lamps have very different origins, as can be seen on their names. The second and maybe the main difference can be found in material details which are used in design and production proccess. Turkish lamps are mainly made of glass which is made by cutting colored glass in geometrical shapes and getting them together in a special design. But the other one is made of metal and the patterns are made with holes on it.

Using a Turkish lamp is the key part of Meadle Eastern decoration. Because it’s not all about having a couch, known as diwan, colored pillows or eastern style rugs… Turkish lamps are the real integral part of egzotic and oriental styling.

You can have amazing pattern designs with mosaics on Turkish lamps. So its beter to call the product “Turkish Mosaic Lamp”. Traditional “Turkish Mosaic Lamps” generally have the same patterns like stars and flowers.

The stars on Turkish mosaic lamps are generally known as “six-point star”.  The six-point star is a simple geometric shape which consists the intersection of two equilateral triangles. It’s an ancient symbol and appears in many religions.

The flowers on Turkish mosaic lamps have almost the same smilarities with the flowers in Ottoman, Arabic and Islamic artifacts.

These lamps have been holding and coloring the light for ages….