The Future of Authentic Mosaic Lamp Lighting.

For the answer to the question of what will happen in the future of authentic mosaic lamp lighting, we just need to raise our heads and look at the sky. We can only get one billionth of the radiation at 6500 Kelvin color temperature.

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After Spain, our country receives a record level of sunlight among European countries due to its position. Now, while scientific studies have focused on the construction of solar cells with increased quantum efficiency, the industry is looking for ways to reduce their production costs without damaging the environment. In the future, albeit decorative, mosaic lamps will continue to exist and continue to be cultural symbols. Turkish mosaic lamps will adapt to this.

The Future of Authentic  Mosaic Lamp Lighting.

As is known, technology continues to progress nonstop. Of course, there are improvements in lighting. Technological tools simplify design and offer new ideas for lighting design and décor.

The lighting of the 21st century will not be the ones that harm the nature and the people that we consider and try to explain. In contrast, the next generation lighting system that provides environmentally friendly lighting will be LEDS. We already use led bulbs in mosaic lamps and we recommend them to our customers.

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